“I went to Gary at a midlife crisis point in my life. I had been in therapy on and off for over 25 years, but had not been in a long while and was interested in figuring out why I was feeling so blah and down when my life appeared from the outside to be A okay. I worked with Gary for about four years in private and group therapy and learned more in that time than I had learned throughout my early therapies. I was able to re-connect with my inner child and begin to feel emotions that I had never felt or had buried for decades. Gary is insightful, compassionate and empathetic. I would recommend him highly to anyone who is willing to do the difficult work of digging deep into themselves.”

“I came to see Gary upon a friend’s recommendation. I was depressed after a break-up and wasn’t sure I had the emotional resources to process the sadness and anger on my own. I was very skeptical about therapy–though ignorant would be a better word for it–and Gary managed to say something, a short phrase, at the end of our first session that made me feel secure. It was the same phrase my closest friend had said to me after the breakup; I haven’t heard anyone mention it since. What I realized in individual therapy led me to group therapy, where I learned some basic tenets of communication and how to identify feelings, which had never been taught to me at home. In many ways, I was using a toolbox that was not only outdated, but had never worked in the first place. Though I was often defensive when confronted with new ideas of myself, Gary’s gentle manner and genuine concern convinced me that I was in good hands. After years with Gary, it is clear to me that helping others, being of service to them, is his vocation and that his patients are lucky to have found someone so dedicated to their mental and spiritual growth.”

“I started with Gary as a 35-year-old child and left him a 39-year-old adult. When I first sought out Gary’s help, I was immature and unable to take responsibility for my choices and actions. I was also uncomfortable with intimacy—especially with other gay men—and unable to handle conflict. My emotions would always overwhelm me and get the best of me. I was stumbling through life, merely existing. It was like I was a passive participant in my own life, unable to grab the wheel and drive myself in the direction I needed to go. Prior to Gary, I had seen only therapists who would coddle me and allow me to vent without actually offering me the guidance and push that I needed. Gary challenged me to be a better person and to strive to be the adult I knew I needed to be. He is caring and kind, yet firm and persistent. It was just the kind of guidance I needed to blossom into a man who is in control of his life. I will forever be grateful for his help!”

“Working in individual and group therapy during the past several years has saved my life! I changed from a man trapped in shame, guardedness, fear, insecurity and rage, to someone who is and will be loved, supported, empowered, maturation and awakening to all that was already in me (which I didn’t believe when I started). I wouldn’t have been able to discover any of this without stopping to work on myself and opening up. For me it continues to not only listening to who and what’s around me, but first to what is inside of me – what I’m feeling, how I’m breathing, where do I feel tension, and where am I relaxed. This work correlates wonderfully with who I’ve become with yoga, meditation, theatre, and the body itself. I’ve also learned that intimacy is a gift and not something to fear. I learned to let go of control and due all that I’ve faced in hardship and loss, I now recognize that I’m stronger and have endurance and hope. I started in therapy feeling depressed and I’m leaving feeling hopeful and happy. I now know that when I put my mind to something, there is little that can get in my way. With Gary’s help and encouragement, I have been able to get my Master’s degree, my yoga certification, and job opportunities. I am flourishing!”

“My work with Gary for the last three years has transformed my life. I’ve learned how to trust my gut again, identify my feelings and manage my reactivity. I can now better identify my needs and wants without aggression, manage conflicts that may arise in this process, and handle disappointments. Gary has challenged me to speak my truth, even when this led to friction between us, and he has always been there to work through these moments that have led to real growth. Because of Gary, I feel more grounded and secure in myself, at work and in my relationships. Gary has helped me work through significant childhood traumas and losses, and he has given me the tools needed to continue this work.”

“I am grateful to Gary for helping me to look within and see myself more clearly than ever before. After years of living in denial by suppressing grief and sadness, Gary helped me identify the cause of my fears and find the courage to confront them. Having watched and lost my entire family and many, many friends to cancer and AIDS, I realized with Gary’s help that I could remember the good times with loved ones without being consumed with overwhelming grief and regret.”

“I have learned the importance of understanding that many of my present day issues originated when I was young, and that to grow past them it is my responsibility to nurture those damaged parts of trauma in ways my parents were incapable of.”

“After being in therapy I can look at myself with a sense of pride and love, rather than harsh cruel judgments full of shame.”

“I have learned how to establish and maintain personal boundaries, and to use this knowledge to create healthy relationships with friends, family and romantic interests.”

“Because of therapy I no longer look at the world as a dark depressing place full of hopelessness, but rather as a place of ups and downs that in general has more good than bad to offer.”

“Because of therapy with Gary I now no longer shame myself and no longer have any sexual compulsion that almost destroyed my long term relationship. I truly take care of myself now. I am grateful to Gary for changing my life.”

“I have become less fearful of criticism, receive constructive and caring feedback, and not ignore my feelings anymore.”

“I saw how the way I relate to myself affects all my relationships. I am much kinder and compassionate with myself.”

“After 11 months of being in his therapy group my anxiety with people was gone.I discovered tools to help me deal with expressing myself better.”

“I wasted 10 years in another therapy group and joined Gary’s group and I saw progress in 8 months!”

“I started to become connected to my feelings for the first time and now I take care of myself -I no longer sabotage myself after being in Gary’s therapy group.”

“I am now out to my family and I am no longer closeted – I recognize shame in my life: where it comes from, how it holds me back.”

“I have developed skills to communicate better with others. I can now be more intimate in my life.”

“I am now able to see clearly how others perceive me – I can now speak up for myself.”

“I am learning ways to interact with others in a healthy and productive manner.”

“I have embarked on a path of more serious self-examination to see how I hold myself back in life and made me accountable to work on these issues.”

“Where previous counselors were not able or helpful, Gary worked with me to find the strength to speak up for myself while still having empathy and truly connecting with others. My relationship with my partner has grown deeper and healthier as a result. Instead of speaking AT each other, we are able to speak WITH each other and truly hear what the other is saying. We’ve achieved a level of communication that has allowed us to be more intimate with each other without fear of judgment or ridicule and have grown as a couple. That understanding of each other has removed an enormous amount of stress and false assumptions of each other and the world around us.”

“This time last year I was in the darkest New Years Eve ever. Lost, emotionally cut off, sexually rapid, and overall not liking who and where I was in my life. On this New Years Eve, I felt alive for the first time in my life at the age of 42. I’m focused on my career, not acting out sexually, and I can say I really like myself now. The group has changed my life! My communication skills have improved beyond anything I was even aware of. My ability to listen to someone is now there, and all of my life I was unaware that I didn’t listen, or connect emotionally. I can say today all of my relationships have improved across the board, including my most emotionally challenged ones. The funny thing about learning the skills in Mr. Prottas group/individual is that you really do learn awareness, and in some cases such as mine there are relationships I have had to walk away from because I could now view it as a unhealthy relationship, whereas before Mr.Prottas and his truly amazing skills, I couldn’t see the difference between healthy behavior and unhealthy behavior, and that in itself is truly turned my life around. I have been accused of being a cheer leader in the past, but never has it been a more fit title for me then cheering Gary Prottas on in all his therapy skills. If you want to really take charge of your life and finally get off the roller coaster trust me when I say Gary Prottas is the difference.”

“I’ve made progress since I started seeing Gary a year ago and I finally found the support I need to become the man I want to be. My family, friends and co-workers often comment on how much change they’ve seen in me. It’s not easy but it’s working…and that feels like a miracle. I’m relieved that I’m moving forward on a path to to life I’ve yearned for.”

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