Spiritual Coaching: Work on Inner Peace and Self-growth

  • Love, Compassion, Kindness, Acceptance, Awareness of Now, Increase in Inner Peace and Strength. Not just words but heartfelt reality. Choose this ongoing ‘practice’ and attempt to increase awareness, release negativity in each moment and for your life. These are not strictly religious ideas but for everyone, whatever your background. Have greater kindness and compassion for yourself with relaxation techniques and an awareness of the here and now moment.
  • Meditation is one way in which we can find peace from external influences and “go within.” It is not a simple task, but one that takes an “effortless effort” while disciplining the mind over a period of time. We explore how to watch and let go of thoughts and emotions as they come up. Awareness of (& being your) breath, posture and most importantly a “NOWNESS” helps one to just “BE.” Constructively respond to disturbing ‘afflictive’ emotions and make friends with yourself. Awaken your mind and heart with compassion. Receive personal assistance with meditation techniques and guided imagery and visualizations. Eventually with practice, a profound ease and healing occur inside.
  • Have you ever laid down in the grass and looked up at the sky, feeling relaxed and carefree? That is what meditation can be like. It is a feeling of being relaxed and being that great big blue sky you are looking at. Do you desire Inner Peace and want to remove inner obstacles? That is the only prerequisite for success in meditation. Meditation is not a religious matter; rather it is a spiritual matter.
  • Compassion is just another word unless you REALLY work to be “your own best friend.” Is the television your best friend? Do you rest when you need rest? Do you eat what is good for your body? Do you keep a written journal of the inner changes? Do you read positive things & feed your mind positive thoughts? Can you stop criticizing yourself and think about inner peace? Taking a few moments of silence each day is essential for the soul.
  • Try to feel that there is a new way of approaching life, with love and compassion and with higher energies for yourself. That is not selfish. It is not selfish. First learn to love yourself. Have compassion for yourself and feel that you need to work on yourself to maintain that. When you love yourself, then you know that there is a basis for loving everything and everyone, and loving life. When you have compassion for yourself, then you can console yourself in many ways. When you have compassion with yourself, you can think of others also. You transfer that to others and that is the important part: transferring love and compassion. Then you are able to handle the way of living that is very well balanced. Thus, you experience a new state of being, where you say, “Do I love myself?” “Do I have compassion with myself?”
  • I’ve received training in EMDR work to help with trauma and current stress.


– May all beings be happy, content, and fulfilled.
– May all beings be healed and whole.
– May all have whatever they want and need.
– May all be protected from harm, and free from fear.
– May all beings enjoy inner peace and ease.
– May all be awakened, liberated, and free.
– May there be peace in this world, and throughout the entire universe.
Meditation practice is a way to help you become more relaxed and improve your awareness of the here and now moment. You may be surprised how meditation can enhance your personal relationships and will help you become more effective in your job situation.