A Gay Men’s Intimacy Therapy Group with men of all ages meets on Wednesdays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.
Another Monday group for gay middle-aged men will start in 2018.

Gestalt Psychotherapy Interactive Group for gay male individuals who want to improve their relationships and communication – to deal with intimacy problems and other obstacles to relating effectively. This is a group of 7-8 men with a licensed practitioner with many years experience in group facilitation. The group is primarily for higher functioning individuals and meets in a private office in downtown Manhattan.

Email Gary M. Prottas at gmprottas@nyc.rr.com or call 212-645-1152.

This Group is an opportunity for Gay Men to share their personal experiences, problems and feelings in an environment of trust and safety.

Issues dealt with include:

  • Intimacy & Trust vs Isolation and Guardedness
  • Effective Communication and learning to speak up
  • Dealing with conflict in a healthy manner
  • Relationships and how to improve them
  • Overcome feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and lowered self esteem or self worth
  • How to receive and give healthy feedback without offending someone
  • Learning to explore what gets in your way of relating effectively and intimately
  • Sexual compulsion and how to stop acting out

Other issues dealt with in these groups include: HIV/AIDS, shame, anxiety, social fear, lack of emotional support, people in recovery and other issues.

Please contact Gary for more information.


TELEPHONE: 212-645-1152

EMAIL: gmprottas@nyc.rr.com